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Consignor Details

Couch with pillows for sale
Pre-owned womans clothing for sale
Pre-owned jewlery for sale
Woman's sweater with matching purse and boots for sale
Wall full of pre-owned pocketbooks for sale

Since this store opened over 15 years ago, over half a million dollars has been paid to our consignors as their share of the sale of their items. Over 80% of the items taken in by A Bit of Couture sell. It takes proper merchandising, hard work, and careful selection of items to make A Bit of Couture and you successful. The information below is mostly geared towards clothing and accessories, but may also be applied to furniture.

Quality: A Bit of Couture does not accept items that are ripped, torn, stained, have an unpleasant smell, or are out of style or season.


Drop-off: We take furniture 7 days a week.  We take all other items Monday and Thursday from 10am-3pm or by appointment.


Approvals: If you are unsure about whether or not we would take your piece of furniture, you may send a picture of the item to for feedback. All other items can be brought in for review.

What items should I sell on consignment?

Before consigning, inspect each item and ask yourself why.  If the answer is, I love it, but... 

  • it will never fit me again

  • it's just not my color

  • my lifestyle has changed and I'll never use it again

  • I've had it for a while and the tags are still on it

  • it was an impulse buy and it just isn't for me

​Bring it in to A Bit of Couture! We would love to consign it for you. But remember, focus your selection on the current season.

Red jacket with matching accessories
Woman's blue shirt with coordinating necklace fo sale

If the item you're considering is...

  • more than 3 years old

  • worn out

  • needs repair

  • looks dated or out of style

  • not good quality

  • something you consider old and just want out of your closet

then shoppers would feel the same way you do about these things. It's unlikely that we would accept them. You might consider making a charitable donation of these garments.

Preparing Your Items

Clean and pressed sell the best! The cleanliness and appearance of your item is crucial to attracting buyers.

All clothing must be freshly dry cleaned or laundered, pressed, and on hangers or neatly folded to be accepted!

Please check all of your items for:

  • soil or stains, especially around the neck, cuff, underarms, and crotch areas 

  • missing buttons and broken zippers

  • torn and/or stained linings

  • faded color

Pre-owned leather living room set for sale

Please note that your items are priced approximately 70% lower than full retail price. Commission after sale:

  • 60% commission for furniture sales

  • 50% commission for home decor sales

  • 40% commission for clothing & accessories sales

Consignor Contract

If you are ready to consign with A Bit of Couture, please contact us for the password to access our Consignor Contract online.
If you have any questions, please contact us.

***This page requires a password that you can obtain from A Bit of Couture.***

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